Spotlights–The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Jesse Malin, Jonathan Singer, Beatles Brunch

Boogie at the Boogaloo in Newton, NJ

Two bands, one show, and a whole lot of fun… The Newton Theatre is waiting with open arms for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band and the Zydeco Cha Cha’s to come and blow both the minds of the people in the audience and the roof off of the venue on Feb. 21. Mardi Gras, at its core, is a day for celebration, and that is exactly what New Orleans-based icons and Boogaloo headliners are about to do on stage. The funky, jazz band call their sound “musical gumbo” and have brought that audible dish to people all around the world over the course of their whirlwind 42 year career. Their style is authentic, classic, and makes people smile, dance, and reminisce of the happiest times. Only good music and even better performers can do that. For more information on how you can catch all of that (and more!) live, head to the

Jesse Malin: Born To Perform

The Big Apple is a melting pot of talent and a haven for musicians to grow their brand and hone their sound. But Jesse Malin knew he was a rock star the second he stepped onto the NYC music scene. At age 12, he was fronting arguably the youngest hardcore punk band at the time: Heart Attack. Throughout the nineties, he fronted NYC legends D Generation. For over 40 years, Malin has kept his reputation intact, going from playing CBGB’s as a teenager to collaborating with the likes of Billie Joe Armstrong and Bruce Springsteen as an adult. He might be a punk rocker at heart, but Malin works hard to navigate his life and stay on a path of music, passion, and success – all of which he will be showcasing at The Stone Pony on Feb. 22. For tickets, visit

(Photo source: Olivia Jaffe)

Brooklyn to Host Famous Xylophonist

To some, Jonathan Singer is a music professor. To others, he is simply a NYC-based percussionist. To us, he’s a personable, ridiculously creative musical genius with a unique love of an instrument best known for what toddlers bang on in doctor’s offices: the xylophone. That’s right, our multi-talented Singer is a stellar xylophonist whose skill has not only taken him around the world (alongside his band, Xylopholks), but has most recently landed him a Saturday night residency at Barbés in Brooklyn. He’s a gem of a person, a soon-to-be legendary percussionist, and the greatest xylophonist the East Coast has ever seen. For more information on his surely memorable performance on Feb. 22, visit

(Photo source: Jonathan Singer)

The Beatles + Brunch = Perfection

If you’re anything like me, you live for Q104.3’s ‘Breakfast with The Beatles’ segment every Sunday, hosted by NYC radio royalty, Ken Dashow. Well, what if I tell you that there’s a similar musical event happening right in the heart of NYC that you can attend in person? And what if I told you that it involves food? That’s right, everyone. The Iridium is hosting a Beatles Brunch on Feb. 23, featuring one of the most beloved and coveted Beatles tribute bands – possibly of all time. Strawberry Fields is, of course, a four-piece cover band that lives and breathes the work, look, and style of everything Lennon/McCartney (and Harrison/Star). From spot-on costumes of every decade to exact musical technique and equipment, these guys are the real deal and worth every second and penny. Did I mention that there is food, too? Get your tickets now at

(Photo source: Strawberry Fields The Tribute)