Spotlights–Joey Cape, American Pop, Chelsea Cutler, Sarah Harmer

Two Chances to See An Underground Icon

Joey Cape, the multi-instrumentalist and punk rocker, is best known for his work in the SoCal-based band, Lagwagon. The band, which has been performing on and off since 1990, is known for their strong underground rock presence in and out of the U.S. and lack of mainstream success–minus their notability over the years and among their peers (ie: Rancid, Green Day). Regardless, Cape has made a name for himself in other side projects, as well as a solo artist, dabbling in folk-punk and indie rock that has fans new and old waiting with bated breath for every new release of his. His solo style is uniquely punk rock for acoustic guitar-based country songs, but he owns it and we love it. To catch him live at Asbury Park Brewery on Feb. 28 and Knitting Factory Brooklyn on Feb. 29, visit

Celebrating Pop Music’s Prime

(Photo source: Bergen Performing Arts Center)

It’s no lie that the pop music genre and the artists involved in it have evolved over the years. Gone might be the days of bubblegum pop dominating the airwaves, but it surely isn’t forgotten. The Bergen Performing Arts Center is hosting a night filled with the very best of classic, heartwarming, toe-tapping, memory-inducing American pop songs. The event features The Grass Roots, The Buckinghams, and The Box-Tops. The trio of bands were at their peak from 1967 to 1975 and have a lineup of their most iconic and nostalgic songs from that time ready for you to hear at their Feb. 29 show. This night is the epitome of solid gold oldies but will surely showcase decades of music and generations of fans. For tickets and information, go to

Chelsea Cutler: Breaking The Mold

(Photo source: Meredith Truax)

Chelsea Cutler might still be on her rise to stardom, but it’s happening fast, and although the Westport, Connecticut native is working hard on keeping up with it every day, she is still making sure to savor every second of it. In less than three years, the young singer-songwriter went from writing and producing her own music while at college to playing the likes of Bonnaroo and Governor’s Ball, as well as having successful EPs and multiple mixtapes out in the world. The bright-eyed, youthful blonde is honest, relatable, and creative, something that shines through in all of her music. Her debut album How To Be Human just dropped and showcases all of that and more. Cutler is quietly tip-toed into the modern, lo-fi, pop, EDM scenes without anyone noticing, but she is surely making her presence known now. To see the homegrown starlet take the stage at Terminal 5 on Feb. 29 and Mar. 3, head over to

Sarah Harmer’s Solo Show Is A Long Time Coming

(Photo source: Vanessa Heins)

Melodic, suave, and uplifting. These are the words to describe Sarah Harmer’s solo return to the industry. In another life, Harmer played keys for various female singer-songwriters during the early 2000s, and at another point, her passion for the environment took over and led her around her native Ontario to fight (and win!) for the development of wilderness around Niagara Falls. Now, she is intricately crafting and working full force on her own art. Are You Gone dropped Feb. 21 and is already being praised for the slick harmonies, her powerhouse vocals, and, as NPR Music said, her “razor-sharp songwriting.” It’s her various passions and time away from the music scene that has allowed her personality to finally shine through and create a path to musical success in 2020. To be in the crowd at Harmer’s first show in NYC in an entire decade at Joe’s Pub on Feb. 29, visit