Spotlights–MARO, Beasto Blanco

Rockwood to Host On-The-Rise Songwriting Queen

What do you think of when you think of Jessie J? Quincy Jones? Justin Lennon Stella? I don’t know about you, but I think of talent. Those individuals are supremely talented, hard-working, and globally successful. They are also all fans of the equally talented, hard-working, soon-to-be-a-global-success that is MARO. Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2017, MARO has put both her life and career on the line, moving to LA rather than back to Portugal where she is from, to simply follow her dream of being a musician and hone in on her vocal ability and songwriting skill. There isn’t a genre she can’t tackle or a story too big or too personal to write a song about, because she can, without a doubt, do it all. Before she becomes the biggest singer-songwriter of the new decade, go see her in concert. Get tickets to her Rockwood Music Hall concert on Mar. 21 by heading to

The Greatest Hard Rock Band of 2020

(Photo source: Beasto Blanco)

Thunderous, anthemic rock band, Beasto Blanco, is heading to North Jersey’s coveted heavy metal nightclub, Dingbatz, on Mar. 19 and you surely don’t want to miss out. Beasto Blanco might be a loud, devilish, face-melting hard rock group, but it’s not male dominated and it’s not particularly angry sounding. This band is high energy, rambunctious, melodic, and truly hardcore – everything you could want from a band and more. Kickstarting the night of real, evil rock and roll are Dead Girls Academy and Sin Shake Sin, making this lineup unforgettable, authentic, fully immersive, and rough and tumble from start to finish. Visit now for tickets and information.