In the Groove & In the Mood – The Jungle Giants’ ‘Love Signs’

Defying any and all expectations of indie pop, this rising, yet already beloved Aussie band is well on their way to becoming a global phenomenon with their newly released fourth album. (Their almost two million monthly Spotify listeners only help prove that.)

The light hearted and infectious beats crafted by Australian indie-pop group The Jungle Giants on their new record Love Signs will take you by storm. Sam Hales, singer and multi-instrumentalist, put his blood, sweat and tears into creating this album during the pandemic under strict lockdown in Australia. Hales’ glowing falsetto is what attracted me most to the record, being one of the most notable qualities. All of the songs come together as a whole and portray one message: show me your love signs, baby.

Title track and hype song “Love Signs” flips a switch in my brain that tells me to start dancing – and this theme was consistent throughout the album. The clever and syrupy sweet accompanying lyric/music video makes this song all the more special; the same goes for “Sending Me Ur Loving,” as both singles respectively got their own stunning short films. “Send Me Ur Loving” is an upbeat song with a banger chorus and feels like part two to “Love Signs.” “Treat You Right” has a creative call-and-response chorus recorded by Hales with his girlfriend, which adds something special to this song. If you stay up to date with their instagram, Hales had shown us his home-made “bass machine” that he used for quite a few songs on the record. 

“In Her Eyes,” another glittering single, might be the best love song showcased within this album. “She’s got love in her eyes / I’ve got love in my heart / No more tears in her eyes / We’ll never be apart.” The last chorus takes off into dance-y instrumentals that whisk you away. Sam manages to turn the sweetest love songs into flashy indie pop hits that climb the charts and generate a multitude of highly acclaimed singles. “Heartless” begins with cymbals and a beat to clap along to, then the booming drop comes in with Hales’ beautiful falsetto following.

A recording of a couple (Hales and his partner) singing together in a quiet restaurant introduces the bass line of “Charge My Phone,” another clever introduction to a rosy knockout. Next up is the popular single “Heavy Hearted,” and another flashy dance beat ensues, with the addition of stand out, dampered piano chords in the verses. The bass thumps in my ears, and yes, I am still dancing. Hales’ ability to write a record about love while keeping the dance party going is incredible.

“Here I Am” is another wildly catchy beat that melds romantic lyrics and a full pop electronic sound. While the majority of the songs showcase Hales’ classic falsetto vocal style, he drops to a lower octave, singing: “And I know that you know I love everything about you / And if you need reminding, oh / Here I come / I’m holding up the whole damn sun.” Finishing out the record, they close with “Something Got Between Us” and “Monster Truck.” The first definitely reaches into electronica territory, seemingly meant to be a bouncy club hit. Poignant, sugary lyrics in the chorus of “Monster Truck” are again paired with a hook for a beat: “Love is just a word / Until you know it’s real.”

Overall, Love Signs is a catchy collection of dance-floor-ready tunes. The album can be experienced as a saga, each song flowing into the next seamlessly; this is a challenging feat, to create a collection of work that flows together as impeccably cohesive as this. Their influences such as Tame Impala, fellow Australian powerhouse, are clear, yet this record is much more of a dance floor anthem than any of Tame Impala’s smooth and progressive jams. The Jungle Giants’ tunes are more stripped down and upbeat, while still feeling polished and shined. After many listens, I’d say that they defy the genre of indie pop and even add electronica into the mix. I imagined myself in a club, dancing to this record front to back. Full of bangers that will make you shake your hips, this is The Jungle Giants best work yet.