Elizabeth Ziman Visits Sunshine Spotlight

Reality Check’s James Campion has ventured into the world of podcasting with a new, inspirational, and oh-so musical show. You can now listen to biweekly interviews with artists of varying genres, immense expertise, and vulnerable life stories.

A genre-bender like no other, Elizabeth Ziman, AKA Elizabeth and the Catapult, is the ultimate singer-songwriter. There are more tricks up this multi-faceted artist’s sleeves than we have yet to discover, but so far her mix of songwriting talents, rhythmic storytelling, and down-to-earth narratives display most of them flawlessly. Episode 15 of Sunshine Spotlight illuminates this star-in-the-making and the vulnerable, yet boundless possibilities her artistry will continue to grant her.

For more information on the background on Sunshine Spotlight’s stellar guests and the happenings of Underwater Sunshine Fest, visit underwatersunshinefest.com.

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