Sunshine Spotlight

David McMillin Visits ‘Sunshine Spotlight’

Reality Check’s James Campion has ventured into the world of podcasting with a new, inspirational, and oh-so musical show. You can now listen to biweekly interviews with artists of varying genres, immense expertise, and vulnerable life stories

Episode 14 of Sunshine Spotlight: In three words, it’s about 1) reflection, 2) moments, and 3) camaraderie.

The ability for David McMillin, frontman of the bluegrass-y storytellers that make up Fort Frances, to reflect on the world at large, reflect on his life, and reflect on even past musical experiences gives him a perspective that is uniquely his own, superbly vulnerable, and surpassingly relatable. Then, as he crafts these songs and takes stages by storm, he focuses in on moments and small, memorable vignettes of a time, place, sound, or feeling. This only adds to the warmth and authenticity of Fort Frances. With a band as close knit, cooperative, inspiring, and skilled as this one, there’s an ease in being original and creative forces to be reckoned with. Working together and coming into music and art with a similar mindset has given this band the opportunity to flourish, evolve, and benefit from even the most downtrodden and tense periods in time… such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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