Leann Skoda Visits ‘Sunshine Spotlight’

Reality Check’s James Campion has ventured into the world of podcasting with a new, inspirational, and oh-so musical show. You can now listen to biweekly interviews with artists of varying genres, immense expertise, and vulnerable life stories.

It’s amazing to think that the Sunshine Spotlight podcast is closing in on 30 episodes. We couldn’t be prouder of everyone who worked on this, the artists who came on, and Campion himself for hosting (while still maintaining his Reality Check column). To celebrate the forthcoming milestone is one of our favorite conversations the series has seen, which features guest Leeann Skoda.

An effortlessly vulnerable and raw talent, Skoda is light and airy as she croons and twinkles above instrumentation that is just as warm (much like the very best of early folk music). It’s not too ‘back-home,’ though. Leeann Skoda as a singer-songwriter is able to modernize folk and adjust Americana to mold around the most mainstream and earworm-worthy musicality akin to Taylor Swift and Noah Cyrus. (The latter is in Skoda’s back pocket, having worked together in the past.)

Campion leads a conversation with this soft, but striking star that flows comfortably and evenly – much like Skoda’s music.

For more information on the background on Sunshine Spotlight’s stellar guests and the happenings of Underwater Sunshine Fest, visit underwatersunshinefest.com.

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