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PREMIERE: Lielack’s “Cold Sober” Music Video Is an Innovative Alt Rock Approach to Recovery

In the best way possible, Lielack sounds like a Travis Barker project. They’re not affiliated with the Blink-182 drummer nor his label, DTA Records, but they have that catchy, urban rock edge that the producer has become synonymous with. It’s a compliment, certainly, with the way Barker has been launching (and relaunching) careers in the alternative genre and that musically adjacent to it. 

An aptly self-described nu-punk band, Lielack are contemporary in terms of not just their sound, but in their message. They are piecing together this puzzle piece that is life in the 2020s through music, art, and self-reflection – and nothing showcases that more than their new single, “Cold Sober.” They say lavender has healing properties, but they must have meant Lielack and their pop punk musicality.

This song, dropping tomorrow globally on all DSPs, is a pertinent emo tale of reality and the individualization of such. Each and every human is living through a global pandemic, and more than most felt uncomfortable during the early days of lockdown and quarantine, yet unfortunately many of our mutual coping mechanisms were not mutually beneficial. With where we are now and with songs like this one, we are able to look from the outside, in. “Don’t want to be left out – the cold shoulder,” rings out in the chorus of this track, further examining how nobody wants to be the sober one, but the grip substances have on some – especially in periods of stress and crisis – is life-altering in ways few can come back from.

Frontman Jason Pascucci is a recovering addict himself, noting eloquently in a press release the importance of this track and its story now more than ever: you are still a worthy, loved, accepted human being whether it be before, during, and after a mental health spiral, a relapse, or a misstep. 

“Being sober doesn’t mean being mentally healthy, especially during the pandemic. In fact, a lot of times drugs and alcohol are the ‘solution’ to the real problem. Take away the ‘solution’ and you’re left with the true problem, yourself.”

The vocalist is thoughtful and edgy all at once, belting and crooning like there is no tomorrow while also being a source of comfort for those facing their demons. “Cold Sober” is the reason why you should do such, if you haven’t already. The single outlines facing your fears in the real world, no matter how personal or public they may be, and making the effort to be proud of doing so. You want to absorb greatness and find peace – good people and good music might help you get there. A head-banging, moshpit-ready track with guitar riffs that will quickly be embedded in your brain and can be shared with those around you? Talk about personal medicine from Lielack!

This brand new music video for “Cold Sober,” which we are thrilled to be exclusively premiering for the Massachusetts-based band that we love, does the same thing with promoting a lyrical, relevant message through dynamic performance sequences and cinematic moments inside a ‘meeting.’ There is powerful, almost draining depth here, but also genuine fun found through this entrancing video – and it does all of that without ever taking away from the point of it: don’t be afraid of yourself, lean of the positive, and live for you, not others.