Ehud Lazin

PREMIERE: Circle Jerks, Live From Philly – “I, I & I / Leave Me Alone”

When Circle Jerks, 7 Seconds, and Negative Approach took to the stage at Theater of Living Arts, the energy was infectious. The roar of the crowd built as the night went on, but that’s not the say that each and every moment wasn’t memorable, rowdy – exhilarating, even.

On July 15, Philadelphia was alight with a kind of punk pizzazz that only true hardcore veterans can bring to the table. Dynamic and authentic, the headliner bounded out with the same enthusiasm they’ve kept under their belt since day one. The love for what they do, the mind-blowing music, and the visceral reaction to their work is what makes Circle Jerks, Circle Jerks.

Our friend, the talented Ehud Lazin, worked with the band for much more than a photo gallery and subsequent review of the Philly show. He has brought the world not one, but two stunning examples of fast-paced, balls-to-the-wall performances from a band who has given their all (and them some) to four decades of punk rock.



Shot by Lazin is the following Summer 2022 edition of “I, I & I / Leave Me Alone” for ONE ON ONE. The Aquarian is thrilled to exclusively premiere this today and highlight what a kickass band in a stellar venue with an energetic crowd can do with their talent, passion, and artistry.

Video directed & edited by: Ehud Lazin

Audio mixing by: Oscar Capps

Special thanks: Dimitri Coats & Circle Jerks band and Crew!