James Waltz

PREMIERE: Find Comfort in Kevian Kraemer’s Emotions… & New Music Video

Not only is today filled with a ton of online shopping and even more virtual sales, it’s also premiere day for the latest video from Kevian Kramer! It’s a Cyber Monday special!

Kevian Kraemer’s last single was “Sweater,” a track we loved and shared with you all this summer. Now the cool weather has rolled in, the holidays are among us, and our want to hold onto something – one someone – has grown. Young, wise, and talented, Kraemer understands this. However, being young, wise, and talented also means understanding one’s own self-worth. The rising indie pop performer crafted his irresistible new song, “Buddy,” with this in mind, dropping it 10 days ago to his growing number of fans (local, national, and global).

“‘Buddy’ means a lot to me,” Kraemer tells us exclusively. “I wrote ‘Buddy’ during a time when I was processing my emotions about being friend-zoned by someone I really liked. I thought I could handle being in a ‘situationship’ with someone I really cared about, but I ended up getting hurt. I hope other people dealing with the same thing can listen to ‘Buddy’ and feel comfort knowing they’re not alone.”

He is following the song’s comforting message up with a video that puts his face, his heart, his lyrics, and his story on full display. The Aquarian is elated to be sharing that, in all its beat-driven pop rock glory, with you today. Find it here on YouTube and below:

If “Sweater” was the calm before the storm, “Buddy” is the clouds parting after the storm. Further depicting that (and extra artistically) is the visual for the single, the artwork that came before today’s video, all shot by James Waltz. In the artwork the South Jersey talent is standing, looking at the sky, drenched in what can only be assumed as raindrops, and somberly holding onto a bouquet of flowers. Just the image alone has a sense of yearning, a beauty in the pain of realization, and a nostalgia that only comes with sharing heartbreak with the world – no matter how big or small or mutual or one-sided that heartbreak is.

“Buddy” is a hefty pop song with a raw and relatable interpersonal theme. Kevian Kraemer should be proud of it… and he is. “I wrote ‘Buddy’ with a good friend on mine, Aaron Blackmar, and he did such an incredible job of helping me bring my emotions out into the song. This is my first release where I’ve worked with another writer/producer, and I feel like it’s making my music even stronger.” 

This moony, twinkling number rolls out just as the year begins to wind down, but it’s a warming, melodic note to leave off on for 2022 because there is even more on the way in 2023. “I’m working with a bunch of different writers and producers to keep perfecting my music and I’m hoping to put together a bigger project sometime next year,” Kraemer shares exclusively with us. “I’m beyond blessed that this many people are enjoying my music and I can’t wait for everyone to hear what else I’ve been working on.”

Cover art by James Waltz