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Weeding out the January 6 treason & it’s fallout.                       

More leaking = more implication of Republicans and members of the Donald J. Trump administration being culpable in the attempted overthrow of the United States government on the sixth day of January 2021. This week former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows finds himself once again in the firing line as over 450 of the originally discovered 2,300 texts reveal many Republican members of the U.S. Congress and Senate plotting to stop the ratification of a presidential election two months after it had been decided, many trying to convince an unhinged president to declare Martial Law and deploy the U.S. Army to keep control of the government and declare himself monarch. This is a thing that happened. We saw citizens act as the rabble insurrectionists, but it turns out more than the Oath Keepers, who were recently convicted by a jury on “seditious conspiracy” were actively conspiring treason.

Earlier this month, Meadows’ cooperation with the January 6 Committee (soon to be shut down by the terrorist wing of the newly controlled Republican House of Representatives) exposed his attempt to pull in the nation’s top national security officials, including the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, in a hackneyed effort to investigate completely unfounded claims of foreign election interference and voter fraud. At the behest of treasonous lunatics like the president’s legal team of Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell (currently being sued by Dominion Voting Systems, which has also filed lawsuits against Fox News and what I assume is a comedy channel called OAN for defamation) and convicted criminal Mike Flynn, whom Trump pardoned to commit more crimes, Meadows went rogue and tried to use the powers of the executive branch to obliterate our democracy.  

We learned this past summer that despite public and heated White House screaming matches with Powell and Flynn, who were pitching the appointment of a special counsel – without notifying congress – to investigate bogus claims of Chinese interference, emails Meadows handed over to the committee show he did contact then acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to look into something Trump was calling “Italygate.” An email dump this past October also uncovered Meadows, acting on behalf of the fucking president of the United States, infiltrated a recount in Atlanta, Georgia and tried to bully Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger into upending the results when the already recorded evidence that Trump tried convincing him and Arizona officials “to find me votes” was released.

The texts this week busted a whole lot of sitting congressman and senators with conspiring to overthrow the U.S. government. Texas Congressman Philip Babin reporting back to Meadows that he is worried Vice President Mick Pence is not on board with stopping the ratification of the electoral vote on 1/6, a fantasy Trump cooked up as a last-ditch effort to declare himself king. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan riled up other members of the House to stand against the election results, speaking daily with the president about the “rigged election.” North Carolina Congressman, Ted Budd, just elected to the Senate, began furiously texting Meadows the day after the election that perpetual boogie man, George Soros was running Dominion and queering the vote. Georgia Congresswoman, who wore a mask for weeks in the chamber that read “Trump Won” begged Meadows to implore the president to declare Martial Law. (Spoiler alert: she spelled it “Marshall” because she is a stupid idiot who knows less about civics than my cats.)

There are too many more to name, but they have all been outed by these text messages. With the January 6 Committee’s days being numbered, what can be done with these terrorists?

Many are untouchable – gerrymandered right-wing strongholds protect them from election peril. Those faced with actual comeuppance at the polls this past November were tossed out, but without a relentless campaign on the ground and in the press to weed out these maniacs much of the Republican Party is still in halls of power. Soon the GOP will have a slight majority in the House and will drag out the voting for Speaker without a doubt, as party radicals have voiced opposition to projected winner, Kevin McCarthy, a man who spent days with Trump after the 2020 election and changed his position on “voter fraud” and Stop the Steal” so many times it is hard to keep track. Somehow, he is not anti-American enough for this group and they will make him twist in the wind for it and make sure he embraces the dark side. It remains to be seen if they can fuck the whole thing before the first month of 2023 is over.

The committee has already recommended indictments to the DOJ for criminal offenses. Not sure what this will do or if Attorney General Merrick Garland will sign off on arrests and subsequent trials, but along with media pressure and keeping the names of these scum in the public eye, could help clean out the system of fascists. This should be the aim, otherwise, ready your muskets.

Irrespective of the fallout these people are enemies of the state and need to be outed as such. The leaked and already reviewed emails and texts bear this out. As long as this element is allowed to affect public policy more Draconian measure like the robbing of women’s rights and a dramatic lean on voters’ rights stand in the balance. In my experience, terrorists are not interested in governing, only to collapse the Republic. In public and in recent polls, many Republicans have grown tired of Trump’s act because he no longer can woo enough disaffected independents to win close elections… but there is a deeply disturbed cadre within the party that will continue to move Trump forward as the party’s presidential representative for 2024. Not even pipe dreams for untested Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the new darling of the stupid, will wipe this contingent out. It is truly a malignancy on the Republican Party, but most importantly, a terminal disease on the United States.

We’ll see if we can survive them.