Rhett Miller at City Winery NYC on 7/21/21 / Everynight Charley

Live Music for a Winter Weekend in NYC

Everynight Charley recommends the following 30+ live music events in New York City this weekend. Contact the venue to confirm ticket availability, show times, COVID compliance, and other updates. Note that several artists and indoor venues continue to require proof of COVID vaccinations and/or mandate the wearing of masks.

Friday, January 6

  • Eli Escobar at the House of Yes
  • Rhett Miller, Robert Burke Warren at City Winery NYC
  • Lifeguard, S.C.A.B., Sugar Milk at Trans-Pecos
  • The National Reserve at Skinny Dennis
  • The Junior Mack Band at Terra Blues
  • SaRon Crenshaw (acoustic) at Terra Blues
  • New Moon Acoustic Blues at Stitch Bar & Blues
  • Danny’s Devil’s Blues, Jezo & the Element, Myrna & the Bulldog, Downtown Pidgeons, Tougue at the Parkside Lounge
  • Mulebone at the Bitter End
  • The Hispanic Mechanics, the Joff Wilson Rock Band, OK Boomer at Otto’s Shrunken Head
  • Contemporary Adults at the Anyway Cafe
  • Joe Taino at the Bitter End

Saturday, January 7

  • Real Estate, Cut Worms at Racket
  • Crystal Waters, Tony Humphries, Rissa Garcia at the House of Yes
  • Michael T and the Vanities, Shilpa Ray, Josephine, the Silk War at TV Eye
  • Mary-Elaine Jenkins at Pete’s Candy Store
  • Life in a Blender at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2
  • Leni Stern at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1
  • Leeway NYC, Ache, Dog Breath, Neighborhood Shit at Gold Sounds Bar
  • The SaRon Crenshaw Band at Terra Blues
  • The Bobby Bryan Trio at Terra Blues
  • Jonathan Kalb at Stitch Bar & Blues
  • The TarantinosNYC, 9th Wave, the Supertones at Otto’s Shrunken Head
  • Danny’s Devil’s Blues at Otto’s Shrunken Head
  • Towncrier at the Anyway Cafe
  • Typsy Gypsy Girls at the Anyway Cafe

Sunday, January 8

  • Stephane Wrembel at Barbes
  • The Pioneers at Terra Blues
  • Salt Cracker Crazies at Terra Blues
  • Rob Mastrianni at the Anyway Cafe
  • Assaf Salhov at the Anyway Cafe
  • The Jean Ramirez Duo at Book Club
  • The Irish Siesiun at the 11th St. Bar
  • Maputi at the Lucky Bar
  • Allen Gogarty at the Red Lion