Ehud Lazin

Jersey Reflections: A Matchbox Twenty Gallery

MB20 + Matt Nathanson = ★★★★★

At PNC Bank Arts Center on July 15, two acts hit the stage and made everyone feel heard, seen, loved, and listened to. For the longtime fans, there were nostalgic moments. For the new fans, there were up-to-date stories told. It was fun, eventful in the most indie rock way, and sublime in its effortlessness. Our stellar photographer Ehud Lazin showcases such in the below slideshows: ease in front of a captivate audience, evident passion for the music being performed, and love for this life that has brought them fans from all corners of the world (including Holmdel, New Jersey).

Matt Nathanson

Photos by Ehud Lazin

Matchbox Twenty

Photos by Ehud Lazin