Alyssa Rasp

August 31 in New York: A Noah Kahan Dream Come True

Some may say Noah Kahan is coasting through 2023. A hit song featuring Post Malone, a sold-out tour, and not one, but two nights at Radio City Music Hall… it’s been a moment for the Vermont native. He worked his clever brain, fingers, and heart overtime for it, though. We are damn sure of that.

A tongue-in-cheek crooner, a lyricist knee-deep in nostalgia, and one of the most surprising superstars of the 2020s, Kahan has solidified his place in the industry. His breakout hit “Stick Season,” the title track to his last LP (as well as the more recent deluxe edition), was a fast favorite on streaming platforms and social media alike. That track was the memorable push the singer-songwriter needed already a handful of years into his career, thus birthing the all-too-humble folk artist we are all flocking to see right here, right now. (Flock we did, too. Our photographer Alyssa Rasp took to the outstanding NYC theatre for a collection of photos as intimate as they are energized; much like the show itself.)