Ehud Lazin

Gwar, Lzzy Hale, & a Bloody Big Apple

The concert held at Palladium Times Square on October 13 was one for the books. Colorful, gory, terrifying, surprising, seasonal, and lively was Gwar… as always.

Lzzy Hale, the frontwoman of Halestorm and acclaimed hard rock songstress, pulled up to Gwar’s Friday the 13th spectacle. She didn’t just ‘pull up,’ though, she took the stage with a bloody sword in hand to show Gwar’s NYC fans what she can do. It was in that moment that we couldn’t have felt better about being in that monstrous, adventurous, and bodily-fluid-soaked audience.

Photos by Ehud Lazin

We love a Gwar show regardless of the guests. One cannot beat leaving a concert like this one; you’re sweaty, exhausted in the best way possible, sticky, and filled with the sounds of heavy metal. It’s worth attending, especially in the Halloween-tinged month of October. Our photographer friend, the talented and brave Ehud Lazin, captured that on-stage experience for us and all of you. See it below, but consider this your warning: the further you scroll, the bloodier it gets.

Photos by Ehud Lazin