Ehud Lazin

A Successful BK Celebration With Letters to Cleo

Where were you on November 15? If you were at Brooklyn Made, you made the right call on how to spend your night, because Letters to Cleo put on the best show their three-decade-long career has seen. (In our humble opinion, that is.) The alternative rockers arrived ready to tear the roof off the venue and a hole in the space time continuum. Fans of all ages were transported to the nineties – an era of unlimited energy, fun grunge sounds, and a whole lot of spunky lyrics. This was über-appropriate for the theme of the show and the band’s short, special tour: Celebrating 30 years of Aurora Gory Alice – the band’s breakout album. Our friend Ehud Lazin was right in the midst of that, too, making for a perfect gallery explanation of the performance at large.

Photos by Ehud Lazin