Anthony Vito Cosentino

Baroness in Asbury Park: Ripped the Roof & Raised the Volume

The Stone Pony has had some of the world’s greatest and most eclectic talent headline its intimate Jersey Shore stage. However, few have ripped the roof of the place in recently years like Baroness did this past weekend.

For 20 years Baroness has torn holes in the stratosphere with their intimate take on heavy metal, yet they remain as determined and lively as ever for themselves as much as the fans that fill the rooms they play. The room they played here in NJ for us was the famed Pony on May 16.

There isn’t much to say about Baroness that they can’t explain themselves, so until our interview with the band publishes next week (Stay tuned!), check out these vibrant still photos from photographer and friend Anthony Cosentino. Maybe play last year’s stellar deluxe album, STONE, in the background, too.


Photos by Anthony Vito Cosentino