The Salim Nourallah Treefort 5: Hit Parade

The properly named latest release, Hit Parade, by Salim Nourallah Treefort 5 is a collection of poppy, folk songs. The supergroup is made up of John Dufilho from Apples In Stereo, Joe Reyes from Buttercup and Jason Garner from The Polyphonic Spree, and each of them bring their unique sound from their respected bands to the ‘Fort. It’s easy to fall in love with “38 Rue De Séveigné” with its light guitars and large harmonies. Hit Parade is one energetic piece after another that doesn’t show signs of letting up its free and fun sound. “Unstoppable” has some interesting guitar tones in it while dealing with the topic of growing up in a fun and catchy manner. The band brings a serious tone to the collection with “Never Felt Better,” which in comparison to “Friends For Life,” doesn’t have a sad sound to it. Despite the fluffy guitar tones, “Friends For Life” is a nostalgic piece that focuses on losing a friend (or friends), which is something most can relate to.

The high school throwbacks continue with the in-your-face “Everybody Knows.” What truly stands out about this particular song is Nourallah’s tone—it has such a spark of attitude that really makes the cut shine. The disc ends with “Miette,” a slightly experimental number that grew on me after a couple of listens and although it doesn’t automatically stick like some of the other tracks on Hit Parade, it’s still not weak in the slightest.

I dare you to sit try to sit still during the disc or even skip a number. The Salim Nourallah Treefort 5’s Hit Parade is the crisp, refreshing release that the music world has been missing.

In A Word: Fantastic