Interview with John Gold: Sailing By The Stars

John Gold has been making music since 2004, and the lack of representation never stopped him. For years he’s been heralded as the king of DIY, and with good reason. His previous independent works have achieved some mainstream success on shows like Weeds and films like Mean Creek and The

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Hank Green And The Perfect Strangers: Incongruent

Around seven years ago, Hank Green and his brother, John (a reputable novelist), sat down on YouTube to reconnect as brothers distanced by their separate lives. Over the time that’s followed, Hank’s released a great number of songs on an acoustic guitar, but nothing quite to the scale of an …

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John Gold: Arthur Unknown

There’s few things that can be said about John Gold while still doing him justice, but plenty to say about his latest album, Arthur Unknown. A true to his word folk singer, Gold waited to put out the best music he possibly could; traveling, writing, getting inspired and finally …

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Mimicking Birds: Eons

Mimicking Birds are a band that will immediately sit well with the indie crowd, especially those familiar and well-founded in the Modest Mouse fandom. Their latest work of art, Eons, is a semi-psychedelic head-trip of an indie rock album that will please both the senses and soothe the insatiable …

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Drake Bell: Ready Steady Go

After years of being remembered as that kid on a nickelodeon TV show, Drake Bell has finally broken the mold with Ready Steady Go, a sort-of compilation album with tons of throwback to traditional rock ‘n’ roll. Everything about it screams nostalgia, from the modernized classic rock covers, to …

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Epique: Relapse Love

If you were looking for that brand new sound full of familiarity, as well as originality to hit the club and party to, look no further. The new single from Epique, Relapse Love, is every bit as fun and smoothed out as anything he’s put out so far.


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Highasakite: Silent Treatment

After a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy for “Best Newcomer,” performances at SXSW, European tours, praise for their debut EP, In And Out Of Weeks (2013), and a huge shout-out from indie folk group Bon Iver, Norwegian indie pop band Highasakite had some great expectations to meet in 2014 with …

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Mike Mains & The Branches: Everything

A sound that straddles the line somewhere between Cold War Kids and The Boxer Rebellion, and a combination of attitude and light-heartedness on an EP that leaves you hungry for more, Mike Mains & The Branches are certainly doing something right. With their latest EP, Everything, acting as a …

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The Paper Jets: We Are All Strange Friends

Formally known as The Invisible Solid, three-piece power pop group The Paper Jets formed in 2005 out of a senior thesis project undertaken by guitarist/vocalist Brian E. and drummer/vocalist Frank Lettieri at Rider University. The original goal was to record a full album using only “consumer” equipment, and after a …

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An Interview with The New Royalty: Breaking Through

For the past six years, The New Royalty—comprised of singer Brittany Iafelice, guitarists Eric Drylewicz and Nick Iafelice, bassist Kyle Davis and drummer Ricky Joyce—have been redefining what it means to be a pop-influenced band in the modern era, tearing up the scene with a passion for professionalism and a …

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