Album Review – HAIM – Something to Tell You (Polydor)

Album Review – HAIM – Something to Tell You (Polydor)

HAIM were an unexpected delight in 2013 with their debut album, Days Are Gone. That album was an unabashed love letter to rock music of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, with HAIM being able to up the ante by incorporating vocal effects, synthesizers, and electronic drums into the mix—staples of the music they enjoyed as millennials growing up in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. When Days Are Gone was released, the buzz on HAIM was that the band was a cross between ‘80s-era Fleetwood Mac and ‘90s-era R&B. Think Tango in the Night meets En Vogue. The result was a 45-minute morsel of achingly sweet power pop that could simultaneously appeal to fans of rock music as well as Top 40 pop. As quirky as it all seemed, HAIM had tapped into something unique. Now—four years later—on their sophomore release, Something to Tell You, HAIM continue to work their magic, crafting songs that walk the delicate tight rope between the retro and the modern, songs which are much more dynamic and atmospheric than those that appeared on Days Are Gone.

As she did on HAIM’s debut, guitarist and lead vocalist Danielle Haim lyrically dissects the ins …

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