NOFX: First Ditch Effort


First Ditch Effort

Fat Wreck Chords

For the last 30 years, punk rock legends, NOFX, remained in the spotlight by pushing the boundaries of music and of the times. They were formed in 1983, but did not find much success until the release of their fifth studio album, Punk In Drublic, in 1994. The band has never been signed to a major label, aside from Fat Wreck Chords, which was started by the band’s frontman Fat Mike and his then-girlfriend in the early ‘90s, but selling over eight million records worldwide has made them the most successful independent band of all time. Now, here they are with their 13th album, First Ditch Effort, which was released on Oct. 7.

Fat Mike has said that this album is definitely his most personal. You can tell this just from the first track on the album alone, “6 Years On Dope.” Although the song is short in length, it tells an interesting story of drug addiction from who other than the recovered drug addict himself. The lyrics talk about “losing hope” and how the person was a “human trash can.” You can assume from the past tense used in the lyrics that this person is no longer …

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