Paul Weller: A Kind Revolution

Paul Weller

A Kind Revolution



Only Paul Weller could create an album like A Kind Revolution—so stylistically rich and diverse, yet still be able to pull it off. Though, if you think about it, there shouldn’t be much surprise at all—style is what the man they call “The Modfather” does best, ever since his days as frontman for The Jam, and later as co-founder of The Style Council.

Right out of the gate, A Kind Revolution rips through the speakers with the hard-rocking “Woo Se Mama”—a warning against conformity, complacency, and greed. Over a howling guitar riff and a whirling Hammond organ, Weller cautions that he can’t be fooled by those that acquiesce to falling in line, doing only what they’re told, and suddenly falling in love with the things they once hated. Almost like a taunt, Weller snickers over the infectious groove, declaring “once that flame don’t burn so bright, it’s slow death by candlelight,” and—in case it’s not obvious—Weller is having none of that. The album’s first single, “Nova,” depicts Weller in a futuristic daydream, where his mind is racing, and his soul is being tugged at repeatedly by the impulse of obligation; there’s still so much to do, the artist …

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