Hugh Laurie & The Copper Bottom Band @ Town Hall

MANHATTAN, NY—Hugh Laurie may have a lot going for him as a two-time Golden Globe winner and six-time Emmy nominee, whose role as Dr. Gregory House on Fox’s hit series House made him one of TV’s top paid actors, but the Cambridge-educated Brit has a good reason to sing the …

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Mike Nesmith @ Town Hall

MANHATTAN, NY—Merging country music, rock and pop long before Gram Parsons Nudie-suited his way onto the scene as the alleged “founder” of the genre, Mike Nesmith has worn many hats in his 50-plus-year career.

In addition to the trademark wool cap he sported as guitarist/vocalist/songwriter for the Monkees, Nesmith has …

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Sufjan Stevens @ Town Hall

At the first of three sold-out shows at The Town Hall, Sufjan Stevens demonstrated that a large band performing in a mid-sized hall can still provide the type of intimate performance usually reserved for small clubs. Stevens was accompanied by a large string section and three horns, in addition to …

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