Razorlight: Young And Strong

Five years young, the latest band to pop out of the British music scene is Razorlight who, in such a short amount of time (they formed in 2002), have catapulted their musical career into the forefront of the UK music scene. After making a name for themselves in the packed clubs and various venues around their local London, Razorlight suddenly began moving on to bigger and better things. Fast forward to ’09, the band is releasing their fourth album, Slipway Fires, on American label, Mercury, and are set to perform a sure-to-please live show at the Fillmore At Irving Plaza in NYC on Feb. 10.

Members Johnny Borrell (guitar/vox), Björn Ågren (guitar/vox), Carl Delamo (bass), and Andy Burrows (drums) debuted their sound in the UK just five short years ago in 2002. Two years later in ‘04 they saw the release of their first full-length, Up All Night (out on Universal International) and made their way to USA to perform at the popular SXSW festival, bringing their fusion of funky/indie/rock and roll to our eager ears. Their credits include opening for acts such as U2, The Who, Queen and Oasis, before having the ultimate honor of headlining festivals such as the 2007 Reading Festival where they held the main spot along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Smashing Pumpkins. They’ve been nominated at the BRIT Awards and have seen their name on the Billboard charts galore! Razorlight are well on their way to the top, for those of you who think they still haven’t gotten their yet.

The Fillmore At Irving Plaza is located at 17 Irving Place in NYC. The show starts at 7 p.m. and tickets are $19.50 advance and $21.50 dos. For more info, visit razorlight.co.uk or myspace.com/razorlight.