Unsigned Bands: Clinical Trials, Statelman, Future Future (formerly Teenage Millionaire), die Kinder

A tomboy guitarist with half sultry, half screaming vocals, Somer Bingham has been playing solo for a few years under the name Somer. Deciding to take a break from her solo career, she decided to form a side project named Clinical Trials. When she put out an ad for a drummer, Ray Keekin responded immediately. Both former Floridians are now living in Brooklyn where they work on their electro/grunge/rock duo. Her voice in its sultry tone sounds like PJ Harvey and yet her screaming is like Trent Reznor’s (if he was a woman anyway). They use MIDI controlled sounds from her G4 powerbook to give their music that extra beat and spice up both their heavy, distorted punk and their simple Aimee Mann-like music. Somer is planning on self-releasing the band’s self-titled EP early this year. They’ll be playing in NYC on Feb. 4 at The Shrine at 10 p.m. and on Feb. 17 at the Winter Antifolk Festival at the Sidewalk Café at 11:45 p.m.