Georgia Haege and Nicholas Bacon met at the only automat in America, BAMN, in the East Village of NYC. Without that automat, they never would’ve met and die Kinder (German for “The Children” ) would never have been created. Food is that important. This unsigned duo made up of Australian vocalist Haege and bassist/guitarist/drummer/programmer Bacon are full of electro-pop and new wave groove.

Although they just released an EP called Needs, they are on their way to completing another that will be less rock and more synth-infused electro. Their music gets them into different contests such the Sixpack Of The Week where listeners from Sellaband cast a vote for their favorite artist out of six and that band goes on their way to winning $50,000. Even PBS has taken an interest in the band for Roadtrip Nation, a documentary in which people go on a roadtrip and meet with people who make a living from doing what they love. For more info, look them up at

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