Ultra Violent Lights: Not So Angry Illumination

When I had first heard the name Ultra Violent Lights earlier this year, I was thrown off. Sitting on a couch at School Of Rock, I expected something with a guttural vocal or two, but instead I got melodic vocals and slow paced guitar with upbeat drums and bass mixed so perfectly the vibe is appropriate for any pop rock listener. These gorgeous guys from Brooklyn are hitting New Jersey threetimes before the end of the year to promote their album, Here In Filth. On Nov. 14 they are playing The Meatlocker in Montclair for $5, on Nov. 19 they are going to be at Asbury Park’s Asbury Lanes. If you can’t make those, on Dec. 18 they are going to be at Passaic’s The Loop Lounge. ultraviolentlights.com.