Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears: No Longer Broke, Not Yet A Big Booty Woman

On Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is, Black Joe Lewis sings a lot like James Brown and little like Jack White—smooth, but gruff. His (awesomely titled) songs, including “I’m Broke,” “Big Booty Woman,” “Humpin’,” and “Get Yo Shit,” mesh funk, soul and rock with infectiously stripped down drumming and twangy guitar, while horns add big band panache without sounding out of date. None of it sounds derivative, either; it’s all just fun to listen to, which you can for free (the whole album) on Black Joe Lewis’s website. Gross, I can’t stop gushing. Before I make myself puke, the Austin-based band plays the Bowery Ballroom, Feb. 25, 8 p.m., $13, 18-plus.