U.S. Air Guitar Championships: Weedily, Weedily, Wah

If you’re looking for a competition where you can gain international notoriety for looking like a fool and where “pre-gaming” is actually a great way to spend your warm-up time the U.S. Air Guitar Championships is a good place to start. Contestants perform freestyle (to a song of their choice) and compulsory (to a surprise song) and are judged on technique, stage presence, and “airness” or “transcending the imitation of a real guitar.” Half interpretive dance, half slapstick comedy, make no mistake, the crop of air guitarists coming to Brooklyn Bowl on April 9 to compete in the Brooklyn Regional all have the same blurred dream of being crowned “champion” and moving on to glory at the Nationals and then, with luck, to Oulu, Finland to compete for the World Title. $10 for this 21-plus event. usairguitar.com.