Pearl Jam: Vs./Vitalogy DVD Box Set

You really can’t say enough about the alternative rock band Pearl Jam. Often regarded as one of the best rock bands in the ‘90s, they’ve sold an estimated 60 million albums worldwide over the past 20 years. After the January release of Live On Ten Legs, an album consisting of songs from their 2003-2010 world tours, the band has stayed busy, issuing a special three-disc box set. It includes never before released singles, demos and a live concert.

The first CD is a reissue of the seven time platinum Vs. It contains three bonus tracks, which make up about 15 minutes. I felt the first bonus track, “Hang On,” was a very impressive acoustic demo. The full band gets involved on “Cready Stomp,” an instrumental. The album rounds out with “Crazy Mary.”

The five times platinum reissue of Vitalogy follows. Arguably one of their best songs, “Better Man,” is redone with only a guitar and an organ, in addition to Eddie Vedder’s clear vocals. Another one of their most famous titles, “Corduroy,” has an alternate take and it’s still an awesome song. A demo, “Nothingman,” is probably better suited for the diehard Pearl Jam fan.

The last CD is from a Boston 1994 concert, Live At The Orpheum Theater. The sound is very clear and it gives you the feeling that you are actually there. This 16-song disc has some of their finer hits on it, such as “Even Flow” and “Daughter.” This box set is something that is a must own for not only Pearl Jam fans, but any music fan. It has never before heard songs, two already epic CDs and of course, a rare live performance from their early days.

In A Word: Outstanding