Take One Car: It’s Going To Be A Long Day

Take One Car’s post-hardcore release, It’s Going To Be A Nice Day, is a long album, and it’s one incredible track after another. There wasn’t a point during the release that I was bored and there wasn’t a song that was terrible. The seven-minute instrumental, “It’s Going To Be A Nice Day,” soothes. The ambient jam starts off with distorted guitars before giving enough energy to demand full attention. Take One Car continues to rev up the momentum and produce killer tracks. One of the darker pieces on It’s Going To Be A Nice Day, “I Know Why You Went Into The Woods,” adds even more sultry flavor. As the hypnotic yet thrashing guitars mash up against the manic and whispered lyrics, there is enough power emitted to send shivers up your spine. Following the monumental track, “Brim” calms the nerves without diminishing the force brought on by its predecessors.

In its entirety, the punch that It’s Going To Be A Long Day packs is inescapable. In fact, each track is so memorable and jaw-dropping that it was hard for me to pick a favorite. However, “Virtue” was able to stand out among the rest because of its natural rock feel. Even though the collection is full of raw emotion, it pours out of “Virtue.” The album ends with “Is The Best Way To Die,” a soft piece with a sensual bass groove and serene guitar tones. By the time It’s Going To Be A Nice Day is over, my finger automatically hit replay because it was that good.

In A Word: Fantastic