Empty Orchestra: One More Time, All Together Now…

Their name is the translation of the word karaoke; however, Empty Orchestra isn’t what you’d hear during happy hour at the bar. Instead of talentless dribble, the Michigan collective provides hefty harmonies and lively melodies throughout their release, One More Time, All Together Now… The disc opens up with the peppy “Broken Record,” which is a catchy and breezy number that brightens up the disc from the start. “The Ballad Of Bulls Run” marks the first touch of the twangy genre on the CD, as the raspy vocals and hoedown vibe aren’t overbearing but instead are as smooth as silk.

One More Time, All Together Now… switches from plugged to acoustic during “No Such Place.” The mellow, slow-jam’s vocal performance made the piece rough to listen to. Even with the one weak number, the disc isn’t a disappointment. As the album continues one, Empty Orchestra finds new ways to keep the listener entertained for the remaining songs. The eighth track, “Lo And Behold” has a waltz like progression that makes it one of the most unique sounding cuts. The band begins to close out the 12-track release with “We Have Ways Of Making You Talk,” a hooky narrative that is similar to the opening number. The finale, “Empire State Building” is one of the more emotive pieces and ends the album with heart-aching harmonics, large vocals, and dark guitar riffs. Although the release was appealing, it does become a bit draining to listen to after awhile.

In A Word: Decent