Dawn Landes: Songspiration At Sea

Imagine making the decision to set sail across the Atlantic Ocean alone; not for the sake of satisfying the public, but more simply to satisfy personal ambition. The moral here, according to songwriter and performer Dawn Landes, is that there shouldn’t be set limitations for what one can accomplish, and, regardless of the results of such a decision, bravery is all that matters. On July 24, the New York-via-Louisville songstress will be performing in Prospect Park for Celebrate Brooklyn, which will include Landes performing as part of Sufjan Stevens, providing piano/mandolin/vocals, following the premiere of her debut musical, ROW, which was co-written with Daniel Goldstein. The musical depicts the intense story of Tori Murden McClure, the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Landes recently did a TED Talk about Murden McClure, which aired last May. In addition to this upcoming project, Landes is also currently working on her own new full-length album for 2016.