SWMRS & The Frights: Punk Rock Princes

Oakland, California’s SWMRS’ third album, Drive North, is their first album not under their previous name, Emily’s Army, and it’s also their first album not produced by Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, father of drummer Joey Armstrong. Drive North is a classic punk rock album lyrically in the vein of the Ramones. The subject matter of their songs can be broken down into likes (Miley Cyrus, James Dean) and hates (dorks, Los Angeles). They will be touring alongside The Frights, who have a similarly high-energy pop-punk sound complete with reverb and hand claps. Their latest album, You Are Going To Hate This, was released last month and contains 30 minutes of nonstop surf rock riffage. The pair of punk rockers will be playing at The Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ on March 5.