Spotlights: Squeeze, Crobot, Who’s Bad, Ess See

Squeeze Headlines Down The Shore

Stopping by one of our favorite warm-weather venues, the Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park, is Squeeze. This U.K. hailing, new wave-meets-power pop-meets-classic rock sounding band has been through it all: hiatuses, lineup changes, industry drama, and everything in between. Yet, here they are, touring again for their devoted, generation-spanning fan base. Between their multitude of hits through the late seventies and early eighties, their reunion tracks, and their solo work, this catalog is extensive and should, in no way, be missed live. If you’re still thinking about going to see them perform, keep the date in mind: Aug. 22. If you’re ready to buy your tickets, head to

So Many Chances to See Crobot!

Not one, not two, but three shows in this area means that you really don’t have an excuse for missing Crobot on their current national tour. Why wouldn’t you want to go see them perform, anyway? Their sound is the perfect, electric guitar-based balance of gritty and groovy. Their concerts are musical ragers that are absolutely high energy and dynamic from start to finish. Crobot are original, unique, rock ‘n’ roll that needs to be listened to in 2019. They are playing Saint Vitus in Brooklyn on Aug. 22, Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ on Aug. 25, and Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ on Aug. 25. For more information on the band, these shows, and more, visit

Asbury Lanes to Host the Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute

It may have been a decade since the King of Pop passed, but what he left behind was a legacy filled to the brim with mastery, music, and memory. You truly can’t help but celebrate someone who had such a fiercely strong and overwhelmingly public career in music. Every song, every dance, and every video of his is generation-spanning and well-known. Who’s Bad allows all of that to be brought to life on stage and gives Jackson’s catalog a second wind in a world without him. The tribute, in itself, is as much of an experience and a spectacle as anything Michael was. For more information on the cover band and their Asbury Park stop on Aug. 24, head over to

Catch Ess See on Home Turf

This on-the-rise electronic indie pop star might call Brooklyn both her home and her muse now, but it wasn’t too long ago that she was growing up in the rural Midwest plains of Arkansas. Ess See takes the Big Apple to heart, singing about what she sees, how she feels, the interpretations of youth culture, sensuality, and originality. Her bold, lyrical power is impressive, but not as impressive as her stellar, intricately-used vocal range. She’s her own artist, her own talent, and fuels her work with her own passion. To capture the feeling and the moment that is Ess See, head to the Bowery Electric on Aug. 27. For tickets, go to