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MERCY UNION – Jersey City, NJ

Just when I started to lose hope that there were any good bands left in North Jersey, I stumble upon Mercy Union out of Jersey City, NJ. I’m listening to their latest single “Totem” off of their upcoming two-song EP, II, and I love the song’s energy. The other song on the EP is called “Infrared,” but you you’ll have to wait until December 20 for that. I need to hear more from Mercy Union. These guys were killer! I gave a listen to songs like “Fever Dreams,” my favorite track “Layovers,” “Chips and Vics,” and “Twenty-Seven” off of the band’s 2018 release The Quarry. I’m sold! Mercy Union is the band you want as your soundtrack on a long ride into the country. 

Four friends from North Jersey finally decided to come together over the past year in a basement. Over their countless meetings in the outer banks of Manhattan in Jersey City, the quartet known as Mercy Union featuring singer and guitarist Jared Hart, lead guitarist Rocky Catanese, bassist Nick Jorgensen, and drummer Benny Horowitz put their creativity to the test through endless riffs and backbeats, and it was during this writing process that Mercy Union was born. These four young musicians blended their individual styles into a unique and wistful sound that shakes that booty. From the driving and sweeping centerpieces of the opening track “Young Dionysians” and “Silver Dollars,” to the dreamy, romantic twang of “Layovers,” Mercy Union’s 2018 release, The Quarry is influenced both by the timeless music of the band’s home state of New Jersey as it is the classic tradition of punk, soul, and Americana music. There is some really amazing songwriting on The Quarry. With an infinite number of miles under their collective belts, thanks in part to their previous projects including The Gaslight Anthem, The Scandals, and Let Me Run, Mercy Union sought to road-test The Quarry immediately. In the months that followed the recording of the album, the band supported bands like California’s Racquet Club featuring members of Samiam and The Jealous Sound, John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday, The Menzingers, and Dave Hause on various tours and one-off gigs. 

Mercy Union has been supporting The Quarry around the Northeast and as I said earlier, will be releasing their two-song EP, II, on December 20.  You can catch Mercy Union live on Friday, December 27 at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ with Gates, Ferentz and the Felons and Stillhungry for their holiday show. For more info on Mercy Union, visit 


I just got to check out the new Incognito Theory music video called “Whiskey Fueled” because singer Dave Incognito asked me to, and I’m happy he did. The video was pretty bad-ass and fun to watch. I mean who doesn’t want to watch a music video following Dave around Dingbatz doing shots of whiskey while performing with longtime guitarist Jay Prussack, bassist Mike LePond, and who looked like John Mosco from Sixty Miles Down behind the kit? “Whiskey Fueled” also happens to be the title of the next Incognito Theory album, which the band will be celebrating with an album release party at QXT’s in Newark, NJ on January 4 with Know Your Enemy and Blud Red Roses. Check out the music video for “Whiskey Fueled” on YouTube. For more info on Incognito Theory, visit…. My brothers from Resurge have announced their first show for 2020. It will take place on my birthday, February 16, at the Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ with Saving Abel and Tantric. Resurge is currently selling discounted tickets to this show. For more info on Resurge and discounted tickets, visit…. And finally, speaking of Resurge, Phil Beam and Roy Brunston from Resurge appear in Rory D’Lasnow’s new music video, “Never Be Mine,” featuring Jamie McClanahan. The video was directed and filmed by Anthony Corvyx of Vyxen Visions outdoors by a lake. “Never Be Mine” is an amazing, well-written song deserving to be visualized and Rory and his team really captured it. Take a look at “Never Be Mine,” also on YouTube. For more on Rory D’Lasnow, visit 

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