Kasey Anderson Visits ‘Sunshine Spotlight’

Reality Check’s James Campion has ventured into the world of podcasting with a new, inspirational, and oh-so musical show. You can now listen to biweekly interviews with artists of varying genres, immense expertise, and vulnerable life stories.

Americana-tinged and singer-songwriter-based, Kasey Anderson is a star that the team at Underwater Sunshine Fest dub “worthy of a Spotlight.” We agree, as the rising star puts his whole being into what he does. Episode 19 of Sunshine Spotlight allows Anderson to dive into just how he goes about including his heart, mind, and soul into all he does – artistically or otherwise. The prolific artist is one whose inspirations come from himself and his experiences, so the more chances he has to uncover the feeling that come with that, the better and more poignant the music.

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