Nicole Conflenti

JoJo: An Effortless, Soulful Spectacle

JoJo is still living her dream. How do we know that, aside from the obvious – seeing her light up Terminal 5? She told us so in 2015 when she was our well-deserved cover star.

New York, New York is home to a lot of concert venues – more than one can count on both of their hands. Similarly, JoJo is filled to the brim with talent – more than most can name off the top of their head. Just a week ago, March 26, JoJo brought her talents (and then some) to the city for a sold-out show at Terminal 5. She shimmered and shined with her bold, captivating voice and an almost too enthralling stage presence. (Has JoJo ruined us for all other concerts going forward? It’s hard to say after experiencing the beauty of “Say Love” live, as well as her incomparable take on Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain.”)

She is a powerhouse performer through-and-through, but she does so with a sort of soulful intimacy that many stars should take note of. You feel connected to the singer-songwriter no matter how big the song or how grand the stage. JoJo effortlessly takes you through emotions, stories, passions, and R&B/pop-tinged career highlights from the past two decades and – this is the most important part – never misses a beat. Photographer Nicole Conflenti paused those moments, freezing them in time, in the most gorgeous way.


Photos by Nicole Conflenti