Spotlight: A Joyful, Charitable Celebration of ‘New Sounds’

If you’re not an avid New York Public Radio listener, you may equate it with PBS. While similar, NYPR is so much more with it’s decades of history and entertainment – John Schaefer at the front of quite a bit of that for the past 40 or so years. This is no small feat and one worth celebrating right alongside some music, which he covers, the brands which fund the massive audible entity, and the hosts that keep the sounds alive and well. Brooklyn Bowl being the setting for this event gives show-goers and donors (as this is a fun take on a regional charity event) a chance to attend, hear some music, knock down some pins, and support WNYC.

WNYC airs John Schaefer’s prolific show, New Sounds, and has reached the milestone of 40 years. You can be part of the action by clicking here for tickets and some more information on the night. It is set to include our friends in Yo la Tengo conducting a DJ set, Schaefer himself (notably and aptly), and performances from not one, but two bands: Red Baraat and Combo Chimbita. September 21 at 7:30 p.m. EST, 21+, and at Brooklyn Bowl… hope to see you there!