Olive Kelley

Loving the Emotional, Musical Balance of cr0wcallz

Don’t let his youthfulness fool you – this South Jersey native has more talent in a lock of his hair than most of us. This is not an exaggeration. Eli Sannelli, whose stage name is cr0wcallz, can do it all. Sing? Of course! Dance? Effortlessly, actually. Write, record, and produce? You bet. Mix and master?

Today, via indie label The Nest, he releases his debut single, “haunted heart.” The song’s palette is dark, yet it doesn’t get its grip on you in that way. Listeners are not to turn this song on and feel dull, feel as though the artist behind it is hardened and brooding. Instead, its darkness is in the vein of $uicideboy$s, Nessa Barrett, and Turnstile – it is there, but it is not heavy. Electronics laid underneath the instruments allow a warmth to come to the surface of the narrative Sannelli is singing about: recognizing the need to move forward.

In a press release, the 21-year-old shares the message of the song. “Sometimes toxic bonds stick around in the form of obsessiveness and other uncomfortable feelings even if the relationship has ended, and I was having a hard time addressing them. I named it ‘Haunted Heart’ to sound like a haunted house, as if I had ghosts lingering around in my subconscious still. I love anything that has an eerie-ness to it, and whatever genres blend to make that vibe, that’s what I go with.”

While the sole creator for “haunted heart,” we can see a future of collaborations ahead. The way that cr0wcallz expertly blends sounds and styles can be, and should be, inspiring. He’s not too much of one things, including overly expressive. He lets his emotions ring true, but, once again, doesn’t spread it thick – there is nothing overpowering the face value musicianship and earnest yearning for balance, love, and melody here.

“I’m proud of it as my first release,” the New Hope, Pennsylvania based and South Jersey raised performer explains. “For these three years of learning to produce, I’ve been mostly isolated, so this is such an honor and a pleasure to be able to finally start sharing some work with an audience.”