Ehud Lazin

Corey Taylor, Oxymorrons, Wargasm – A Night of Shredding in NJ

Back-to-back-to-back rock bands on the same bill at The Wellmont Theater? You know we had to head out to that! Photographer and friend Ehud Lazin popped over to the Montclair, New Jersey venue on our behalf to capture beautiful stills from a night that was, in the best way possible, ripped open by the power of rock and roll.

Wargasm kickstarted the Tuesday night experience and quickly garnered a new set of fans. Their presence was electric and the way that the members play off one another as both pals and professionals drew everyone in. Oxymorrons kept up the energy Wargasm set the stage with and surely made their tri-state fans proud. The Queens, New York natives have been taking bigger and bigger slots at festivals, more and more supporting gigs, and a slew of headliners that are putting their rap rock stylings in more ears than ever before.

Corey Taylor and his touring band followed suit. Riff after riff reverberated off the walls, balconies, hearts, and souls of the audience members. Unlike his more well known, costume-hidden Slipknot persona, this frontman is 100% raw, real, and in your face. He shouted, sang, screamed, and shredded; although, his band is doing all of that and more alongside him and we love them for it. They were rocking out and tight even while living in that performance moment. Not only was Corey Taylor the headliner, but he is also coming off the high of having a brand new record out for solo fans, Slipknot fans, new fans, and everybody else who is itching for more that always spot-on voice.



Corey Taylor

All photos by Ehud Lazin.