Maria’s Local Radar: Chelsea Carlson

Local friends, we are back with another week of talent to throw into the spotlight. First and foremost, thanks for all of the love on the Jack Antonoff article; I hope to see you all at his Shadow of the City Festival in Seaside Heights June 18! Now, it’s time to get down and dirty with some talent that has my head spinning these days.

I recently was forwarded along a submission from a lovely lady named Chelsea Carlson, whom many of you may already be familiar with. I am currently losing my mind over two of her singles called “Belong” and “Cherry Blossom” and thought I would share them with the world (or, Aquarian readers). She is gearing up for a ton of shows in the near future including The Jersey Shore Festival in Seaside Heights, Black Potato Music Festival in Clifton, and a special CD celebration show for her new album at Dragonfly Music & Coffee Café in Somerville. Be sure to check out her social media for all of those dates so you can see what all of the rave is about. Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Chelsea’s new album, A Broken Road, is out now, and has a little something for music lovers of all genres. First of all (not that this matters, at all), but Chelsea, you are beautiful. Your photos captivated me instantly, and there is a calming nature about you. Hey, people enjoy a compliment every now and again, and I don’t feel weird about giving one! Anyway, back to the music.

Just to provide a brief background on Chelsea, she’s from Mount Olive, New Jersey, and classifies herself as a “rock, acoustic, alternative, whatever floats my boat” type of artist, and I could not love that more. She doesn’t feel the need to put herself into a specific category in order to get people to listen to her music, and that is rare these days. At a young age she has already accomplished a lot. Chelsea was the winner of Top New Female Act at the 2013 Jersey Acoustic Music Awards (deserving, naturally).

I am diving deep into her new album and personally find it flawless. Her voice soothes me; there are only a few artists that do that these days, not requiring overproducing and deafening beats. I feel she has a unique style that could really take her far in this business if she keeps at it. She pulls inspiration from some of her influences of the past and present while still maintaining her own originality.

“Belong” is my favorite track, for many reasons. The lyrics are extremely powerful on this song, and if you take a listen, you will agree with me. I find to this to be an anthem; a song that many people could relate to on various levels. In fact, the lyrics on her tracks across the board are powerful, dark, light, and catchy; a perfect combination for fans to fall head over heels in love.

I am just beginning to get to know Chelsea Carlson’s writings and style, and I want you to jump on board. She has a raw, unique sound and edge that will leave you wanting more. Music industry, look out; she is taking over.

If you want to learn more about Chelsea, you can visit her Facebook page at Over there you can find her music, photos, videos, tour dates, and so much more. I hope to get the chance to sit down with her one day, and get to know her better. In the meantime, show her some love.

Until next week, my friends, cheers!