Wyatt: Wyatt

Consisting of three siblings, Wyatt’s debut self-titled EP is a collection of four light songs. The band, which is the new project of New York singer-songwriter Maddy Wyatt, features her brothers, Paul and Alex, as well as Zach Lane and Dana Haynes. The short release starts off with “Octopus King,” that with the help of nautical riffs, moves much like the ocean. The following piece, “Nobodys” is a bit more up-tempo, though there is an awkward, fairly distracting screech in the beginning. Much like the first number, it invokes a light-hearted feeling much like the summer at the shore. The cut keeps the disc interesting by the way it blows up with a tambourine, booming drums and slick guitar licks. However, it fizzles out just as quickly as it started up.

“Good Fight” has a little more of a country feel to it with its sharp strings. The third track is a lot faster than the other ones and it picks up the energy of the release. The finale, “Leonah” is full of catchy lyrics, bouncy beats and romanticized vocals (much like the rest of the disc). Though the CD is more like a slow-moving spring breeze over rampant hurricane winds, the final two tracks really make the EP pop.

In A Word: Sweet