The Last Bison: Inheritance

The Last Bison’s latest effort, Inheritance, features some of the most emotive lyrics that I’ve heard in a recent release. The theatrical vocal style and lively orchestra of the Virginia septet helps to create a short, but compelling release that will easily win over the ears of chamber pop and folk music. The deep break down in the starter, “Switzerland,” combined with the glossy strings makes for one hell of a start to an EP. There really isn’t a bad track on Inheritance. The only compliant that can be found is that it’s too short and that craving for more of The Last Bison needs to be fulfilled, either by listening to their older music on their Bandcamp or by replaying the EP—either option is fine.

Like previously stated, none of the numbers on the release are bad, though one does stand out more than the others. “Dark Am I” steals the prize for the most unique track on the collection. The way the harsh masculine vocals contrast against the silky feminine tones also present in the cut and the sharpness of the guitar adds extra shine to the vibrant tune. It’s hard to not be hooked on The Last Bison by the time the final song, “River Rhine,” chimes in with tribal like “oh-oh-oh-ohs” and chants of “river rhine.” The eclectic closer just adds more to the band’s strengths. The Last Bison have something going for them, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Inheritance really puts them on the map.

In A Word: Outstanding