Allie X: Solve For X

Canadian Singer-songwriter Allie X does her best to keep some mystery in her persona. Allie X released her album, CollXtion I, in April 2015 via Universal Music. Her album, which is the first of many she plans to release in this collection, is a multimedia experience as she includes graphics and a comic along with it. She has said that the “X” in her stage name is in reference to the X variable in algebra, which is the unknown. Although she fully showed her face in her “Catch” music video, the singer normally prefers to stay hidden. During live performances she sometimes dons large sunglasses to conceal her face. “Catch,” much like her other songs, is synthetic pop in style and futuristic in many ways. Allie X is very visual in her music videos/live performances with graphics showcasing in the background. Watching her perform is like watching a piece of art come to life. Allie X will be performing at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY on Sept. 16.