Classic Albums Live: Note For Note, Feel For Feel

Casual listeners and Pink Floyd diehards alike will generally agree that Dark Side Of The Moon is one of the greatest albums of its era and probably of all time. It spent 15 years on the charts and its album artwork is displayed on countless t-shirts and dorm room posters. Many bands have paid tribute to the album by covering its songs live and a few bands, including Phish and The Flaming Lips, have actually undertaken the task of covering the entire album. But while those groups filtered the album through their own respective interpretations, Classic Albums Live founder Craig Martin is dedicated solely to perfection and imitation: playing the album as close to how it sounds on record as humanly possible. This show is a must-see for anyone who wishes to hear Dark Side Of The Moon live in its entirety as Martin and his bandmates have done everything to ensure that their rendition of the record is mind-blowingly accurate. They’ll be playing at the Shea Center For The Performing Arts at William Paterson’s Campus in Wayne, NJ on Feb. 12.