Spotlights – ROZES, Lucy Dacus, & More!

Philly’s ROZES Takes On New York
by Melanie Wedemeier
  Self-made from Philadelphia, dance-pop songstress ROZES is in full bloom as her vibrant single, “Where Would We Be,” hit the airwaves Friday, Feb. 16. Textured with up-beat rhythms, catchy lyrics, and relationship themes, “Where Would We Be” fuses alternative with electronic pop. The authentic powerhouse has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Time Magazine, NYLON, and has collaborated with completed the 30 City Tour with MAX in Fall 2017. With a passion for mental health awareness, ROZES works to shed light on deeper emotions through tapping into “dark dance pop.” Her upcoming EP is anticipated to drop Summer 2018. She will be performing at the Marquee in New York City on Mar. 13. For tickets, visit


Talent On The Rise
by Debra Kate Schafer
  Lucy Dacus’ new music is anticipated by more than just her fans, as she was placed on many “most anticipated albums of 2018” lists by numerous publications. Rightfully so, for her songwriting alone is something extraordinary and well worth looking out for. Her lyrics are engaging, confident, profoundly poetic and close to her heart. She is a 23-year-old who is wise beyond her years, writing songs that draw on life, death and the world at large. You can hear the precise, powerful music that Dacus creates on Mar. 2 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. For tickets, go to


Jersey City To Welcome The Unique and Unpredictable
by Debra Kate Schafer
  What is a Keller Williams solo concert like? It is unique and unpredictable, just like him. He is a genre defying musician with a career that spans over 20 years and one of the most impressive discographies. No two performances of his are alike, as nothing is pre-recorded and he creates his own original loops on stage during the show. Williams will be on the guitar, singing his heart out, and playing his “acoustic dance music” in Jersey City at White Eagle Hall on Mar. 1. To see the show, you can buy tickets on


From The Heart to NYC
by Debra Kate Schafer
  Even though it may seem that streaming has taken over the music scene, CDs are not a thing of the past. In fact, the ever soulful Jamie McLean Band is about to have their very own CD release party at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. The heartfelt, southern rock, blues-infused singer/songwriter and guitarist Jamie McLean is exactly what you need to see live. His pure rock ‘n’ roll style is evident in his character and all of what him and his band do, so it is no doubt that their new album, One and Only, will be any less amazing than their last. To celebrate its release with Jamie and the band, go to