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SPOTLIGHT: RWB to Bring The Midwest to The East Coast This Weekend

Red Wanting Blue are midwestern rockstars at their core, but their sound is universal – so much so that their music is easily able to be relished in by even the staunchest of East Coasters.

For 25 years, this glittering and independent group has shown the world was Americana-tinged mod rock could be. Immersive soundscapes and throaty instrumentation level out this skillful outfit and balance their talents to entice event the most casual listener. The masters of their own story and the driving force behind their original sound, Red Wanting Blue have created a dynamic discography for themselves that is made to be heard live.

Did we mention that these guys are kicking off their post-pandemic return with a show right in our area? That’s right after months and months of not truly hitting live stages and reveling in that transfer of energy from band to fan, Red Wanting Blue is back. The Big Apple is honored to jumpstart that and ready to get down to the slick, multi-instrumental grooves this legacy band has to offer.

A five piece with enough zeal to fill every crack and crevice of Carnegie Hall, this band is ready to wow another set of music lovers at their City Winery concert this weekend. Whether you’re a new fan or an existing one, The Loft at City Winery is the place to be on Saturday night with a surely showstopping, toe-tapping, mind-boggling performance by Red Wanting Blue. It’s an all ages event with an all genre twist for every individual tastemaker out there in the NYC area.

For tickets and details, visit the band’s website! Their opening night at The Loft at City Winery starts at 9:00pm with doors at 8:30pm, so get ready to enjoy the music as the warm September day cools off in the evening.