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SPOTLIGHT: Harry Styles Gets Ready to Open & Close in Long Island

Harry Styles’ Love On Tour is on a path to being one of the most successful tours of the year, even before heading out to the other countries making up this international run of dates. In North America alone, the experimental pop musician has sold out every single show, walking onto his circular stage to a packed house night after night – even amid a global pandemic.

How is he doing such a thing? Is it even safe? What sort of leg up does he have on the musical competition who are still struggling to fill rooms or book gigs, let alone book them now instead of a year or more in advance?

There is the global popstar aspect, of course, as well as the ‘dating actress/director Olivia Wilde’ part. One cannot forget his first Grammy win earlier this year or the inescapable radio hits, “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You.” This is without even mentioning the Vogue history making, Marvel movie starring, and Stevie Nicks befriending elements of his professional (and personal) life.

It’s also important to note that Styles is a strong proponent of being ‘vaxxed and masked.’ The singer-songwriter opens up his shows with a speech asking everyone to be safe, keep their masks on, social distant, and (of course) treat people with kindness. His dedicated fans and listeners are desperate to see him, hear his songs live, and witness his flamboyant outfits in person, so following CDC guidelines and venue/artist-specific precautions is the least they could do.

Now, as Harry Styles wraps up Love On Tour its immense success with dates along the west coast, he also has plans to skip back over to the east for an event a bit more special than the usual Fine Line-centric shows. He is set to open up UBS Arena, a brand new venue in Belmont Park, Long Island. The “Kiwi” performer and Dunkirk actor is to be the first artist to take the UBS stage, giving it the grand opening it deserves.

This state-of-the-art location for music, sports, and more is going to be home to the New York Islanders, but will also host games and events for basketball teams, professional wrestling, and more. While we’re thrilled to hear about the amount of new activities and opportunities UBS will bring to Long Island and the surrounding areas, the concerts are what excites us right now. (Although, the UBS Arena post above showing the ice being installed is pretty riveting… but maybe not as much as one pop rock icon skipping around the stage in wide-legged trousers and ‘clout goggles.’

Not only that, but this additional HS:LOT3 date marks the conclusion of the tour in North America. All at once Harry Styles is to kickstart an arena right outside of the Big Apple and also bring his coveted tour to a close. Talk about a must-see show! New beginnings and somber conclusions fit the bill when it comes to the star whose repertoire ranges from pop idol bops like “What Makes You Beautiful” to the heart wrenching “Falling.”

For more information on Harry Styles: Love On Tour, click here. For details and tickets to the opening night of UBS Arena, visit the venue’s website!