Ehud Lazin

Live Through Photos – Gang of Youths In Brooklyn

If anyone ever asks you for ‘the magic number,’ always assume it is 10. (At least when it comes to Gang of Youths, that is.)

Today marks 10 days since Gang of Youths rolled into Brooklyn to play for an audience full of energy and adoration just for them; the revered rock band out of Australia. The concert took place on May 10, the tenth day of the new month, and the night proved to be 10/10. Ehud Lazin, a photographer whose work also deserves tens all around, captured the experience for all of us to live through and relive – all with stars in our eyes. Whether up-close-and-personal or within the depths of the crowd, Lazin highlights the musicality and versatility of the dedicated and kindhearted band we got to know earlier this month. It was a give-and-take from the get-go. Fans were roaring, swooning, singing, dancing, and lit up with joy from the minute this five-piece stepped on stage.

Photos by Ehud Lazin