Grace Prachthauser

New Jersey Is Thankful for Nessa Barrett

It has been one month since the show we are the most thankful for this season. Yes, it has been almost a whole month since Nessa Barrett took the stage in Sayreville, New Jersey for the very first time. Not only was Starland filled to the brim with young women, peers, and fans who lined up outside for hours and hours outside the venue, but family, too.

This concert on October 23 was Barrett’s highly-anticipated, long-awaited hometown show as the Jersey native has only sold-out the surrounding cities of New York and Philadelphia thus far in her music career. The night was filled with emotion, but just as much joy and just as much sparkle. We were honored to be in the crowd and ecstatic to have our stellar photographer Grace Prachthauser capturing the beautiful night right from the pit.

Photos by Grace Prachthauser

All in all, Barrett returned to New Jersey with a blonde bob, more confidence than ever, and a sleek, personable way of interacting with the crowd. It was magnificent and passionate from the start, showcasing just how much the star has honed in on her alternative pop prowess on the Church Club For The Lonely Tour. There’s not too much else to say that the stunning images above and below can’t, so we’ll let the rest of the ethereal and triumphant night be described visually… Thank you, Grace Prachthauser, and thank you, Nessa Barrett.

Photos by Grace Prachthauser