Interview With Zakk Wylde Of Black Label Society: The Never-Enders

So after the tour wraps up you’re doing more Ozzy stuff?

In the middle of May we’re going to end up starting to wrap up Ozz’s record, and after that, going in and start pumping out another Black Label album. So it never ends. And then I guess the game plan is do Black Label and Ozz, just going out and doing an arena tour, that’s out in the new year or something like that. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s work, man.

Oh yeah totally man. Never ends. Somebody’s gotta pick up that beer tab (laughs).

I remember in the early 2000s you were putting out an album every year like clockwork. I feel like it’s been forever since a new BLS album.

I know, it’s weird. But the whole time, all’s I’ve been doing is touring. I was out with the boss and then the last record we did we were out, that was another 15 months, and then we went right back out again, and then we went back in the studio working on Ozz’s record, then finishing Ozz’s record and then doing another Black Label album. It’s nuts. But I know, someone was saying the other day that it’s been 18 months since the last Black Label album, something like that. Usually, like you said, we’d be pumping out records once a year, easy. I prefer doing it that way anyways.

Have you already written material with Ozz?

Yeah. We’re going to go back in, probably pump out another couple songs. We’ve got 15 to 18 songs already recorded, you know what I mean. It’s just a matter of Ozz doing the vocals while I’m out here on the road.

I remember he said this is going to be his second to last record. Do you believe him?

(laughs) Who knows. Soon as he starts getting bored, he’ll want to keep working.

As far as a new Black Label record are you still involved with Roadrunner or no?

Um, no. Well, with the new Skullage package, that’s still on Roadrunner, but I think that’s the last thing with Roadrunner. With me, just with the record companies, I don’t keep in touch with all these people, you end up making friends with everybody anyway, always moving around all over the place anyways. When it comes down to the record company thing, as long as we can keep making records that’s all that matters.

Do you know what you’re doing with a new BLS in terms of riffs or ideas?

What I end up doing is soon as I get in the studio is when all the magic happens. Even if I’m writing when I’m out on the road, usually what’ll always happen when I get into the studio and I’ll start writing, I’ll dig that stuff because it’s the new stuff. Soon as we get in the studio, it’s press record and start going.